Back to the future

Go back just a few years and we accessed the internet through dial-up. I remember it well, it took ages just to load a page of text. Now in 2011, a massive percentage of the population has instant access to information through both static and mobile broadband. It gives us access to almost everything you can imagine.

We can access the latest news in full glorious HD video, research and buy products and services, download films and music and re-connect and interact with friends, colleagues, influential people and of course, businesses.

We are able to do this through a seemingly ever-increasing range of devices that includes smart-phones, tablet computers, internet enabled televisions and of course the personal computer.

I’m interested in how we in business can use the incredible mix of tools now available to us in order to connect and interact with consumers to enrich the consumer experience and in doing so grow sales and the profitability of the organisation providing the product or service.

As this blog progresses, I’m interested in hearing your experiences and opinions of social media and to share ideas and thoughts on how we might all benefit from this remarkable evolution that’s happening around us.


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