How was it for you?

In my previous post I talked about Referrals and Social Media. I made a comment about how a great customer service experience can quickly spread across the network you’re connected to. I also mentioned how poor customer service can do the same thing.

Of course the downside of this is that if you do a bad job then the world will find out quicker than ever before. It’s a great incentive for organisations to focus on delivering great customer service”.

Social Media is an incredible tool for getting the message out about your customer service levels. Imagine what would happen to your business if every customer had a great experience and told all their network about it through Facebook, Twitter or Linked in.

So now you need to review how good your customer service really is. This is a really big topic but it starts with listening to what your customers and prospects really expect of your organisation.

You can even conduct this research through Social Media by using the questions feature of Facebook, the Polls feature of Linked in and other tools like Survey Monkey or PollDaddy.

Once you’ve got your research results you’ll then need to conduct an honest analysis of how often you meet those requirements.

In the process, you’ll likely find some areas where you’re over-servicing the customer by providing things they don’t value and you’ll also find some areas that are “nice to have” for your customer but are not economic or viable for you to offer.

Once all this is complete (and you need to take it seriously) you have a roadmap of what you need to do to deliver great customer service to your existing and potential customers.

So how do you get people to let others know when they had a great experience? Simple, you just ask them. It doesn’t matter if your business interactions are face to face or virtual. You still have to ask each and every visitor to your company to tell others about how great you are.

It’s so easy to kit out your website and blog with Facebook, Linked in and Twitter widgets to help people share your content, products and services or just the great experience they had.

Of course, if you interact face to face, you can still help people share the great stuff you do by printing your Facebook, Linked in or Twitter URL’s on your business cards and other literature. (Choose those that work for your business).

How you go about changing the customer service culture of your business is a topic all of its own, but one that is worthy of talking about in another post.

Oh, and please don’t see negative feedback as a bad thing, it’s your chance to put things right and have a real dialogue with your customers.

Please leave your comments, thoughts and experiences of good and bad customer service. or just share how you purchased something on the back of good online recommendations.


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