Been busy !

A short announcement ! 

I’m back. Yes, the blog is back up and running. It’s been so busy the last couple of years that I neglected to maintain the blog. A cardinal sin I know. But one that is now corrected. The reason for the absence? I ended up being on so many different social media platforms that It became impossible to maintain sensibly and have a life at the same time. So I all but stopped the maintenance. I actually decided to leave a couple of platforms that I found particularly annoying. 

As a result, I’ve re-assessed my digital persona over the last few months and have whittled down my cyber presence to the platforms that I find most interesting, least annoying and of course, easy to use.

So this version is designed to mainly just share “stuff” that I think is interesting, newsworthy, funny or potentially useful to others. Of course, there is normally a business theme to the things I think of as interesting, as business is a big part of who I am. However, not every post will be immediately obvious as part of that theme. You may have to search around a bit to make the connection. Sometimes there might not be a connection.

“Stuff” includes unique thoughts of my own, insights I’ve picked up from others, observations that I make whilst tending to my professional life, things I like that I think you might like as well and of course various photo’s and links to music/videos.

Please feel free to comment, interact and connect




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