Who’s going to be on top?

There is lots of bad economic news circulating on a daily if not hourly basis at the moment. Economic experts from around the world are telling us with varying levels of hysteria that the end is upon us if the Euro collapses. Apparently the UK will be badly hit despite it being just one of the many export markets we serve. 

This is interesting to some and very worrying for others. I prefer to sit in the interesting camp. Let me try to explain why.

Many years ago my father said to me “there is always a winner in a recession, no matter the industry or sector, there is always someone who comes out on top”. (My father was Chief Buyer with Shell International, so he knew a thing or two about selling, albeit from the other side of the table).

Having recently reached my half century I have lived through a range of recessions and economic downturns. Of course, I’ve also lived through the boom years. When I sit down and think about how those periods of negative economic growth affected me and the companies I worked for, I can honestly say that they spurred me on to be the one who came out of it smiling.

My reactions to tough times varied in execution mix but were always remarkably similar in theme. It was always a resounding “let’s get our act together and be the absolute best we can be”. We re-focused our investments in training and re-training our sales and other customer facing staff, accelerated new product introductions or found a new way of adding value and sometimes we just worked harder and smarter.

The net outcome was always the same. We emerged from each downturn showing top line sales growth, delivering sound profitability and all done with limited losses in staff numbers.

The overriding lesson to me in over 25 years of sales and sales leadership is that it is an attitude of mind coupled with smart thinking and actions centred around how, where and what you sell that will not just get you through the pain, but actually thrive whilst others struggle and sometimes fail.

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